Sunday, 4 May 2014

Easy Rice Rolls with Dipping Sauce

I have been told that I need to start snacking. More important that I need to have protein in my snacks. Eating the same thing can be a tad boring, or it is for me. To alleviate my boredom (don't get me wrong I love a crisp apple with almond butter!) I started to experiment with ingredients I am unfamiliar with. Rice wrappers are inexpensive and super easy to use. Plus they have the added bonus of being a vehicle for lots of tasty ingredients!

3 rice wrappers (individually soak in warm water until they are pliable and want to stick together)
Carrot pieces
Tofu pieces
Lettuce pieces

Dipping Sauce
Soy sauce
Dash of sesame seed oil

Prepare one rice wrapper at a time and lay flat on a plate or board.  Place a few piece of each ingredient in the centre of you rice wrapper. Then fold in all four ends (they should stick together). Repeat process with other two rice wrappers.

For dipping sauce place both ingredients in a small bowl and stir together.

Super easy and quick when you are needing a small snack to get to through your afternoon.



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